You may fancy yourself as a bit of a mechanic, and know your way around an engine but there are some jobs you should leave to the professionals.

Any big engine jobs
Your engine is the heart of your car, and you won’t see your GP if you needed a heart transplant! If your engine needs taken out for some reason, never attempt this yourself. It’s a huge job, bigger than it looks, and it requires specialised tools, expensive equipment and specialised knowledge. It’s definitely not a job for a DIY mechanic!

Anything to do with your brakes.
Never, ever compromise on safety, especially when it comes to your brakes. It’s not just you who depends on them, it’s your family, other divers, and everyone else who’s on the streets. Your brakes are just too important for a DIY job, so make sure you bring them to a qualified and experienced mechanic.

Wheel Alignment & rotating your tyres.
Cars should have their tyres rotated every 10,000 kms or so, while the wheel alignment should be checked once a year to avoid problems with the vehicle’s suspension system. These tasks require specialised tools and so are not suitable for a home garage DIY job.

Replacing the Cambelt
The cambelt (or timing belt) on a car should be changed by a mechanic every 100k or thereabouts. It’s usually a relatively expensive job, but making a mess of it yourself will be even more expensive in the long run. A badly fitted cambelt can set you back thousands in damages to your car’s engine.