Warrant of Fitness (WoF) – this is a periodic and compulsory safety assessment for light vehicles, like 4WD vehicles, cars and vans. It also covers motorcycles, moped and trikes.

For your vehicle to be legally authorised the be driven on public roads, it must undergo Warrant of Fitness inspection.

Every 6 months – for vehicles more than 6 years old
Every 12 months – for vehicles newer than 6 years old

As a car owner, it is your responsibility to always maintain your vehicle according to the WoF standard and display a valid Warrant of Fitness label.

The following safety tests are included in a WoF inspection:

  • Fuel system. There must be no existing problems, like leaks.
  • Tyre condition. This also includes the depth of the tread.
  • Exhaust. It must not be too smoky or too loud, and there must be no existing leaks.
  • Brake operation. The brake system – friction, hydraulics and leverage – functioning properly.
  • Suspension and steering. Must be secure and safe.
  • Structural condition. There must be no rust in specific key areas.
  • Speedometer. Must work properly.
  • Light bulbs. All must be working.
  • Glazing. Your windscreen must ensure safety.
  • Airbags. The SRS light must work properly.
  • Windscreen wipers and washers. They must work and function properly.
  • Safety belts. All buckles must function properly without any existing damage or fade.
  • Doors. All must function properly and ensure safety when opened and closed.

Should your vehicle fail to pass the Warrant of Fitness inspection, you cannot drive legally on the road. To solve this issue, have all the problem areas fixed and have it re-checked to obtain a new WoF. The team at Michies Automotive are qualified and experienced in the area of Warrant of Fitness Inspections – contact us today.