Your vehicle’s tyres are probably the most important safety feature of your car. Why? Because they are the only point of contact with the road. It doesn’t matter if you have brand new brakes; if they are bald, under or over inflated or you have a puncture, then your new brakes won’t count for squat.

Check out these “do’s & do not’s” when it comes to buying car tyres.

Don’t go cheap! Remember, you get what you pay for. If you try and save money and buy the cheapest car tyres you can find, then you’re asking for trouble. A lesser product will have less control, longer stopping distances and won’t last as long. Modern car tyres have a traction rating stamped on them; AA, A, B or C. Always go for an AA or an A rating. Worst case scenario, your life might just depend on it.

Try and replace all four at once. New tyres grip the road better and will keep you safer. If you can’t afford all four at the same time, try to buy them in pairs. Replace the back two first, regardless of rear-wheel or front-wheel drive. Newer tyres at the back will help in a swerving situation and will be less likely to spin out. You should also buy two sets of tyres. Cars come with all-round tyres for every season. If you live where winter is particularly harsh, then you should buy a proper set of snow tyres. They’re perfectly fine in summer, but when it comes to ice and snow, they’re immeasurably safer.


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