If your vehicle is over five years old and seems to be running hotter than usual this may indicate damage to your radiator that requires repair or replacement. Bring your car in for the team at Michies Automotive to check out, diagnose and advice on the best course of action to take.

  • The most common causes of radiator problems are:
    1. Rust – your radiator is affected by road debris, water, salt and humidity, all of which can lead to rust slowly eating away at your radiator;
    2. Constricted flow of coolant – a build up of mineral deposits in the narrow tubing in the unit’s core can cause the radiator to no longer function in the correct way which in turn reduces the engine’s capabilities;
    3. Epoxy failure – after about 5 years the epoxy that has been used to join most the radiator’s seams may begin to wear out.

There are additional factors or elements that may lead to radiator problems such as a malfunctioning thermostat, a damaged water pump, cracked or brittle hoses, blown seams, faulty solders, leaking fittings and tubes, or electrical problems so the best advice is to have your vehicle undergo regular car servicing with Michies Automotive. The team will inspection the radiator and all the others elements and identify any areas of concern before they become larger, more expensive issues. Contact us today for a car servicing or radiator repair booking time.