We all know that tyres are important. Your car would be nothing without them, but for some reason, so many people decide, or not, to neglect them. If you are looking for tyres in Takapuna or are just looking to get them checked come see the team at Auto Super Shoppe Takapuna.

Do you actually need new tyres in Takapuna?

 The tyre experts check everything about your tyres. They make sure if you actually need new ones before you have to buy them. Here are a few things they check:

  1. Tyre Tread. Obviously, if you have a small tyre tread depth then it is time for a new set of tyres. If your tyre tread is worn your car can be unsafe to drive and not only will you have to replace your tyres anyway but you will most likely be stuck on the side of the road with a flatty.
  2. Tyre Pressure. They check if your car needs new tyres or if they have just not been pumped up properly. While pumping up your tyres the experts of tyres in Takapuna can see if there are any holes or damages where air can escape.
  3. Tyre balance. Tyre balance and alignment can make a huge difference in the way your car drives. The better the balance of your tyres the longer your tyres will last. The tyre experts make sure that the balance of your tyres is correct before they are replaced. Ensuring the balance is right you can reduce vibration and ensure a smoother ride.

These are just a few things that are considered and looked at before replacing your tyres in Takapuna. It is important to know when your tyres should be replaced and make sure you get an expert opinion before replacing them may save you $100s.

For all things tyres in Takapuna give the team at Auto Super Shoppe Takapuna a call at 09 486 2029.