When it comes to car repair, most people are concerned about the costs. It is very difficult to say how much it would cost for repairing your car. Sometimes the prices of certain services are not listed on the servicing center’s website. Also, it is only possible to get an exact quote after a thorough inspection of the car.

The pricing also depends on the model of the car that you own. This is one of the main reasons why the team at Michies Automotive’s workshop offers a car repair quote before starting their work.

What does quote include?

A quote will essentially give you a brief summary about the repairs that the car would need. It will also indicate the labour charges, time required and cost of replacement parts. It is sensible to talk to a car repair technician to get an accurate estimate because he would know what exactly the car needs. You can also get a quote by explaining the problem, but the price would change if the technician’s diagnostic tool indicates additional problems.

What about online quotes?

Online quotes can give you a ballpark figure, but it is difficult to come up with an exact price. Consider car repair as a doctor’s check. It is impossible to tell what the problem is based on the signs and symptoms unless there is a proper diagnosis. If the car needs body repairs, such as denting and painting, it is probably easier to come up with an accurate quote. However, if there are problems involving the engine and other parts, it brings in a lot of uncertainty.